Ok, everyone, "the lights are on, it's 1st and 10. What are we focussed on? Let's break down our plan for the meeting.


“Offence, Defence, or Special Teams.” Which phase of the game are you in right now?  Are you the O/D Coordinator calling or defending a play? Perhaps you are the QB or Receiver setting up on the line? Maybe you’re the special teams coordinator readying your group for an upcoming kick-return.  What should you be focused on at this very moment? 


You see, I love football— and when I watch my favourite teams grind it out every week I often think about the game as a metaphor for Business Development. Pro-sports is an obsession for me and is also a source of inspiration in that every well performing business development team can look to any winning sports team as a model for “what good looks like”.  I’m no athlete, and I don’t know what it takes to make to the the show.. but in business similar to the league, there are always top and bottom performers, and from time-to-time, the bottoms can rise to the top.  With every player, coach, training staff, admin essentially hand-picked by very active ownership, every organization is purpose built to be very competitive. Despite this, why do we have perennial winners, losers? How do teams plan for or maintain their winning ways? How do losing team change their fate? How does the organization approach decision-making to create a winning play, a winning season, and ultimately—a winning organization?


I think about this all the time –probably too-much, so I decided to create a personal space to explore and archive and share my thinking.

Let me explain.  While I have been doing this for some time and have the benefit of experience in the markets I work in. I have found that being prepared, and giving my organization a chance to really win, requires true preparation. Peyton vs. Tom, like preparation, and definitely more than having a presentation walkthrough between colleagues a few hours before pitch at the local Starbucks.

I see many parallels and when I break down high performing teams (win or lose) I always see people (owners, gm’s, coordinators, players) working within an a system (process, policies) and plan (Off-season, OTAs, TC, Game Plans) for the entire calendar-year. 


A team (who needs to prep for 16 opponents) doesn't win without a well-considered game plan to beat each opponent.  Given that each team has a week to prepare for each game, there are lots of concurrent planning required within a "system" that needs to be "understood" by not only the roster of players set to play the game, but to a large extent the broader organization that makes up the club, which in my last count could be anywhere between the 300+ professionals.

53 Man Player roster, 10 practice team members, 20+ Coaching Staff, 20+ in Ownership and Operations, 50+ in administration, communications, community relations, equipment & security, legal, finance etc..50+ in marketing, medical groups, 50+ in player development, facilities, ticket sales.

When one looks at the totality of a winning (or losing) organization one can see so many parallels to any business. 


When look back into my twenties (less grey hair and was about 20 lbs lighter) I see an evolution in my thinking. I guess I can attribute that to experience in Agency Business Development. My record is pretty good, lots of big losses, but many more wins!  I’m still learning, but have come to understand that a winning team always has a plan specific to the challenge and works within a system that everyone is aligned and working within and similar to a pro-season of any team, is working a system all year round.

So this is what this space is all about.


Disclaimer ( radio voice) "The content found within this space, is the personal views of the author and not of the company he works for".